4 Beauty Brands That Celebrities Love

Article written by Fusion Cafe Inc.

When it comes to beauty, seeing (literally) as how celebs look great, it’s natural for us to want to have what they’re having. While some of their products may be beyond our means, a number are surprisingly affordable. After doing some sleuthing, we decided to share 4 brands that celebrity

Laura-Mercier-cosmeticsLaura Mercier
This is a fav brand of a number of celebs. For instance, Sarah Jessica Parker adores the brand’s Eyeshadow Stick because “it doesn’t move.” Reese Witherspoon loves the Laura Mercier Creem Cheek Colour in Blaze, while Ellie Goulding is a big fan of the Secret Camouflage Concealer.

Moroccan Oil Treatment
Specifically designed to give hair a natural, stunning sheen, this one is a favorite of Minka Kelley and Rose Byner, among others.

Urban Decay
The Urban Decay–by Gwen Stefani line was a limited-edition collection that was the very first celebrity designer collaboration for the brand. Stefani was hands-on every step of the way, poring over every detail: she tried on more than 40+ shades of lipstick to get the right hues and even was heavily involved in designing the packaging. But Urban Decay is not just a Stefani fave: Jaime King, Selena Gomez and Julianne Hough are also reportedly big fans, not to mention that a cult of collectors has grown up around the brand who try to acquire all of its products.

Estee Lauder
For Eva Mendes, Estee Lauder products are staples—possibly because she’s one of the brand’s faces? Regardless, she favors the Take It Away Make-Up Remover Lotion and the Advanced Night Repair. Both make sense, because not removing makeup thoroughly is a major beauty blunder many of us make—and our skin reminds us of it. And a nighttime cream like Night Repair is also a good idea. Kendall Jenner is another Estee Lauder face, and in her case she prefers Pure Color Envy Sculpting Gloss.

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