Are you getting the right type of couch foam for your needs?

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Are you thinking of getting a couch foam replacement soon? Couch foam doesn’t come in one single variety, so it’s important to be informed about the different types of cushion filling you can buy. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can choose the right type of foam for your specific needs.

Some people prefer softer couch cushions, while others prefer firmer cushions for comfort. Super Soft Foam is a very soft, pliable type of foam, but it is more ideal for couch backing cushions rather than a couch’s seat cushions. If you need something that can support your seat cushions more, HD36 Foam is a solid choice for cushions with medium firmness. And if you need something more rigid, Lux Foam is on the firmer side.

You should also pay attention to a type of foam’s density so you know how long it’ll last. There are denser high-quality versions of Lux Foam and HD36 Foam that can last longer than usual. These can be used on your couch for up to 16 years if you take care of them. In contrast, there are also varieties of foam that are meant only for occasional use, such as Poly Foam, which only lasts for one or two years.

Be sure to browse through The Foam Factory’s directory of foam types, where you’ll find detailed information on the varieties of foam that they sell. Once you’ve decided on which foam type to use for your cushion filling, you can contact them for more details about custom shapes and sizes for seat cushions.