How to Know if Your Case Counts as Dental Malpractice?

According to OC dental malpractice attorney Dane Levy, a case of dental malpractice is not always black and white. You can’t just head to court with minor dissatisfactions with the dentist. So first, you must know if your case even counts as dental malpractice in the first place. Here are some questions to ask yourself-

Has it harmed you physically? — Dental negligence usually results in grave physical impacts like nerve damage, mouth paralysis, loss of taste, loss of healthy teeth, and extreme pain.

Has it harmed you mentally? — A dental procedure gone wrong can have terrible effects on a patient’s mental health. Excess doses of anesthesia can cause hallucinations and dementia.

Has it harmed you financially? — If the dentist made you go through procedures that you don’t need or pay more to fix the mistakes they did, then that’s a financial loss on your part.

Did you achieve what you initially came for? — If you came to the dentist with one issue and instead of it getting resolved, it got worse or new issues were added, then it is easily dental malpractice.

Did the dentist’s behavior bother you? — If the dentist was rude to you, insulted you, acted indifferent to you, or refused to answer your questions, those go against the professional medical code of conduct.

Is the dentist willing to make amends for their mistake? — If a dentist is willing to recompensate for their mistake, then suing them will not do you much good.

Despite having answers to these questions, you might still be uncertain. To fully confirm, consult a dental negligence injury attorney. For those living in California, the founder of Levy Law Firm, Dane Levy, is a highly experienced California dental malpractice attorney that you can contact.