Is Ibogaine Legal to Administer in the USA?

Beond Ibogaine is a legal clinic and treatment center outside of the US. As it does not administer Ibogaine in the US it is within the law. In the USA Ibogaine is classified as a schedule one drug such as Cannabis and is therefore not legal to consume or possess. In New Zealand, the drug is classed as a prescription drug and can be obtained through a physician.

Ibogaine clinic in Mexico is a legal clinic and treatment center that can legally prescribe and administer doses of Ibogaine to patients in a medical environment. The government of Mexico has not classed Ibogaine as an illegal drug therefore it is available to patients visiting the Beond Ibogaine clinics.

Ibogaine has been sourced from West Africa for the past 30 years and used in different parts of the world. Ibogaine for opiate addiction is seeing positive results and more and more people are seeking to visit the legal clinics in Mexico to get help for their addictions, PTSD, and alcoholism. The practitioners carefully monitor all doses to help the patient manage the psychedelic experience and use this change in consciousness to shift their focus and look at the root causes of their addiction.

Alternative therapies for depression are being successfully treated with Ibogaine which together with therapy sessions assists patients in finding new ways to deal with their feelings. Ibogaine in small regulated doses can make a big difference in a person’s life. It is important to take the time to book into one of the luxury treatment centers in Mexico and seek expertise from the professional medical personnel at the clinic.

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