Tips for Successful Pitbull Breeding

To breed a pitbull, you’ll need to ensure the healthy and safety of both animals that are mating.

red-and-blue-nose-pitbull-puppiesEvery pitbull breeder has a unique approach that they take when it comes to the breeding process. However, there are some universal tips that will help any breeder successfully breed a charismatic, healthy pitbull. This article is designed to help you if you are a novice/beginner breeder and are looking to breed XXL pitbull puppies for sale purposes.

Preparation is Key

Introducing your male and female pitbull to each other is a crucial part of the process mainly because you’ll want to see how they respond with each other. Note that they must be closely supervised during their first week of being together. PItbulls tend to have a genetic disposition that can push them to fight with other dogs without any warning. This could have dire consequences when it comes time to breed.

The Mating Process

You can also allow both dogs to mate several times to ensure that the female dog is impregnated. This could happen over the course of a few hours or days depending on the animal. Normally, two to three matings is good enough. Once the pregnancy is verified, be sure to separate both dogs to avoid fights and possible harm to the pup. Now, the female pitbull must be taken care of during the pregnancy. The slightest harm or mishap could result in a physical abnormality upon birth. It’s crucial that you keep your pitbull’s health in mind – especially if you’re looking to put your blue pitbull puppies for sale.

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