Why Pit Bulls Make Great Household Pets

Summary: Pit bulls are loveable, active, and require little to no maintenance.

Pit bulls are more than just pets, they’re lifelong companions that love their owners more than anything. When you properly match a pit bull to you and your lifestyle, he’ll serve as an amazing companion that will look after you as much as you look after him.

Here are some reasons why pit bulls make the ultimate pet.

Loyalty and Trainable

As soon as you bring one of the many pitbull puppies for sale back to your home, you’ve already introduced yourself as an authoritative figure to him. Meaning, it’s automatically love at first sight. Now, it’s up to you to treat him with the proper respect and love that he needs to live a long and healthy life.

Pit bulls are social, friendly, and easily bond to their owners. They are, contrary to popular belief, easy to train and work with, making them great animals to teach. Furthermore, their intellect surpasses the average dog. However, it’s important that you formally train him in proper obedience and ensure that you remain consistent.

Pit Bulls are Fun!

Pit bulls have a unique personality. While you might see them as naturally aggressive, they’re actually much more playful and spontaneous. They’re affection and loving dogs that tend to bond fairly easy with their owners. All they want is their owners’ attention and approval more than anything.

Little Maintenance

Pit bulls are fairly healthy dogs. While certain purebreds are prone to a variety of health conditions, many of them are blessed with great health due to a wide gene pool. Their strength and heartiness comes from descending from working dogs.

Pit bulls are also very low maintenance – when compared to your average dog. Their short coats are easy to care for so your grooming bills are kept relatively low. You can easily brush and wash them in little time as opposed to the more long-haired dogs.

Athletic and Active

Pit bulls are athletes. They’re muscular and fit to do a variety of exercises. They can excel in any type of dog sport. If you’re looking for a pet to go jogging with, you’re looking at the right breed. Pit bulls love exercise more than anything so be sure that you start taking them on walks as soon as you introduce them to your home. This way, they’ll naturally utilize their strengths and practically drag you along while you’re outside.

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