Your Ex Posted Naked Pictures of You Online, Now What?

Article by Fix Bad Reputation.

lingerieThe act of distributing nude pictures online has the potential to be extremely destructive to someone who did not allow for the consensual sharing of that content. It could ruin their employment, their current and future relationships, and can brand them unfavorably to future prospects. It’s a crime to post nude pictures online, although many states have not adequately defined just what kind of crime it might be.

For that reason, it can be difficult to seek any kind of legal recourse if you’re the victim of this type of crime. If your ex posted nude pictures of you on the Internet, you still have some options if you act fast.

Dealing with Google

Fortunately, Google has acknowledged that this terrible side of humanity exists and has pledged to do what it can to help prevent people from becoming victims of it. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t own every website on the Internet. That said, the company will allow you to petition for the removal of your content if you can prove it was shared non-consensually, you appear nude or in the midst of a sex act, and the content was intended only for private audiences.

Your search results page will receive an amendment in the form of a note at the bottom, informing the searcher that your negative results were omitted from that search. The content will remain on the website or sites that host it, but it won’t appear in Google.

Dealing with the Website

This is the tricky aspect, and where some people fail to find resolution. User-generated content is protected, in a way. More accurately, the webmaster is protected from legal action as a result of user-generated content. More often than not, you’ll require some kind of legal judgment in your favor. This can be difficult to obtain, but not impossible.

If you can’t see results with a DMCA, you might want to consider a reputation management firm as an alternative to legal recourse. Lawyers are expensive, but reputation management offers a long term plan to block and push down content that portrays you in a negative light. They can even help you remove content from certain well-known websites as well.