Best Activities to Do in Friday Harbor

On San Juan Island, Friday Harbor is the focal point for all visitor activities. There is something there for everyone. Maybe you want to go whale watching or just taste the local cuisine and view some of the most jaw-dropping local art pieces. Here are a few adrenaline-pumping, daring yet once-in-a-lifetime experiences to do in Friday Harbor that we believe should be added to your vacation bucket list!

Zip Lining

The experience of zipping through the air on a zip line is always thrilling but secure. You’ll enjoy an adventurous walking experience in addition to an exhilarating, spectacular ride on Friday Harbor’s zip line trip, which take you past some lush forests, exciting sights, and eye-opening thrills.


A great way to get in shape, have fun, and get the opportunity to see some of the stunning local animals is through sea kayaking. Kayaking offers an unmatched adventure experience by taking you to places off-limits to land travel. Explore the coves and shorelines of San Juan Island during the day or at sunset.

Scuba Diving

San Juan Island is a haven for vibrant, unusual marine life in addition to being a popular location for viewing unique avian species. Get some diving instruction before venturing into the beautiful reefs that run along San Juan Island’s coastline. Bring a waterproof camera so you may record the bioluminescent critters that live beneath the island’s seas.

Make sure you have a cozy location to unwind after your Friday Harbor explorations. San Juan PM offers a comfortable selection of Friday Harbor vacation rental options, and hotels for you to choose from that will give you an unforgettable vacation you will be talking about for years to come.