Create Abundance in Milan, Italy Whilst Enjoying this Fashion Capital of Europe

Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Golden Touch

No city is more synonymous with fashion than Milan Italy. Since the early 16th century, Milan has been the location for trading fine fabrics like silk and leather. Today this vibrant and fashionable city still maintains its status as a superior location for attracting wealth and prosperity.

Zhang Xinyue the leader of Golden Touch has made it her goal to help as many people as possible to connect to the cosmos and attract and create abundance in their lives. She chooses locations such as Milan to hold conferences and to walk amongst the beauty and affluence of the city. It is important to surround yourself and immerse into a culture that is rich and comfortable, in this way you position yourself in line to also receive this abundance.

Visiting this beautiful city with its gorgeous architecture, fashion, cuisines, and people   Zhang Xinyue founder of Golden Touch aligns her members and teaches them how to attract this prosperity into their lives. She teaches the art of meditation and how to simply ask the cosmos for what you want.

Golden Touch founded by Zhang Xinyue is a world-renowned organization that offers annual meetings to teach its members how to create abundance. At the retreats, you will learn to live in the moment and be happy through simple daily affirmations.  She is a teacher, mentor, and author and is the founder of this amazing organization.  Zhang Xinyue has written many books that teach others how to control and direct their energy flow. She organizes conferences that are well-attended in major cities around the world. This is an opportunity for members to network and absorb the teachings while relaxing in a beautiful location.