Five beauty product swaps for winter

42Written by Costbuys

Winter can play havoc with your skin because the colder weather can make your skin dryer. Here are some beauty products that you should consider swapping to help your skin heal during the winter months. Most of the ingredients recommended can be found on most online shopping website.

Swap #1: your lip balm – Lips are the first thing that gets chapped in the winter months. Therefore choose a product with vanilla, shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax. These ingredients will help replenish dry lips and improve lip texture.

Swap #2: Your daily face serum – Your face serum needs to move from summer to winter and should include avocado oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids that will plump winter skin. It is also a good idea to buy serums with rose, chamomile and frankincense aroma, which help calm your senses and repair weathered skin.

Swap #3: Your night time serum – Choose a night serum that will smooth your skin and help it breathe. Look for products with vitamin E, Argan oil blends with antioxidants, will help combat free radicals and repair environmental damage.

Swap #4: Your body scrub – You may notice that your skin does not shed as well in winter as in summer. Therefore look for scrubs with algae and nourishing body butter to cleanse and polish your skin.

Swap #5: Your weekly face mask – Look for a weekly face mask that is a blend of olive and jojoba oils with calendula to stimulate circulation.

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