How to deal with receding gums

Article written by Elite Dental Group.

A person has receding gums if their gums move away from their teeth leaving the delicate root exposed. Receding gums are a cause of poor dental hygiene, brushing too hard, and aging. Often the teeth with receding gums will collect plaque and bacteria which can lead to the patient’s gums receding even further. If plaque is left undisturbed, the bone will deteriorate resulting in tooth loss.

Once a person’s gums recede, they do not grow back, but the condition can be reduced with the following procedures:   

Slow down the process – If you think you have receding gums visit a dentist and ask them to assess and clean your teeth. Most dentists will scale a person’s teeth, which will scrape away plaque and tartar. To stop bacteria from collecting in the spaces where gums have receded, dentists sometimes prescribe an antibacterial gel or mouth wash.

Follow good oral habits – Following good oral habits will involve brushing twice daily with a soft bristle brush and flossing before bed. Two annual dental visits are also advised to remove any plaque or tartar build-up.

Severe cases can opt for surgery – There are three main types of surgery offered to patients with receding gums:

Flap surgery – This procedure will involve the dentist making a small incision, removing bacteria from beneath the gums, and securing the gums in place.

Gum graft – A oral surgeon will take gum tissue from another part of a patient’s mouth and place it where their gums have receded. This will not only protect the tooth but reduce the appearance of receding gums.

Bonding – This procedure involves placing a gum-colored resin on the affected root to protect and reduce the appearance of receding gums.

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