Ice Cream Can Be Good For You


Sure, it’s fattening, but is there anything about this delicious frozen treat that can be good for you? Yes, plenty! Ice cream doesn’t have to be an unhealthy treat. When eaten in moderation, ice cream can lift your mood, cool you down, and provide you with a reward at the end of the hard work week. Here’s why:

It Lifts Your Spirits

While it’s not healthy to rely on food to make you happy, there’s nothing wrong with eating a cup of ice cream or gelato when you need a lift. Dessert is a wonderful way to lift your mood because it’s tasty and sweet. Ice cream shop supplies are also very colorful and bright, so simply going into an ice cream shop will bring you out of your bad mood and put a smile on your face.

It Helps Cool You Down

Summertime is best celebrated with some cold ice cream. On a hot summer day, consider cooling down with some frozen yogurt, gelato, or ice cream. But don’t overdo it. Eating too much ice cream will leave you thirsty. To avoid overeating, use small frozen yogurt spoons.

It’s the Perfect Dessert

Dessert is popular for a reason. It’s a way to end dinner and celebrate a hard day’s work. It can also help digest your meal, as long as you eat ice cream with some real fruit. It’s okay to reward yourself with a scoop of ice cream now and again as long as you don’t eat too much or eat it every day. When eaten in moderation, you don’t have to go for low-fat versions either.


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