Survey Suggests that Americans Don’t Trust Politicians or Corporate PACs

At times, it can feel difficult or impossible to get Americans to agree on topics related to politics and social issues. In such a polarized landscape, it warrants further attention when a majority of Americans agree on a particular issue. According to a recent survey by opinion survey service and survey data collector John Zogby Strategies, a widespread agreement exists in relation to certain issues. The survey found that a  “supermajority” of Americans across the political spectrum showed support for three issues: term limits, limiting corporate PAC influence on elections, and requiring high-level federal bureaucrats to wear body cams.

In the survey, 83% of respondents expressed support for term limits for Congress, the Senate, and federal bureaucrats. 87% of respondents supported removing all corporate PAC money from electoral campaigns. 78% of respondents supported body cams for high-level bureaucrats. This included 79% of Republicans, 72% of Independents, and 80% of Democrats.

Since these responses were collected from a wide range of individuals with varying political affiliations, they suggest that Americans carry a general sentiment of distrust in the government and the political status quo and a distaste for corporate influence in politics. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents all carry a desire for a marked change in the current state of American politics.

Perhaps people on opposite sides will be willing to put their differences aside to enact these reforms. In any case, citizens should be working towards electing leaders they can trust and keeping the power to elect leaders in the hands of the people.