Using the Laws of Attraction to Make a Romantic Connection

It probably isn’t much of a surprise that the Law of Attraction is a powerful approach to improving your relationship success. However, you might be surprised to learn exactly how it can work to help you find romantic success. The Law of Attraction isn’t about finding ways to start a relationship with a particular person or even turn a relationship into a marriage. It’s about opening yourself up to find a person that you will be completely compatible with and who will bring personal fulfillment.

You can’t create a relationship with someone by visualizing that you will eventually marry them. The Laws of Attraction don’t work that way. You also can’t focus on finding a partner with a specific set of personality traits that you find desirable. Attempting to do this will only send out energy that doesn’t help you to make a connection in your life.

Instead, it’s important to focus on the feelings that you want to get from a romantic relationship. Think about the sense of warmth, tenderness and affection you are looking for in a romantic partner. Sending out this type of energy will naturally connect you with people who are capable of giving you these sorts of feelings. If a particular person in your life can do this, then it’s meant to be. If they can’t connect with how you want to feel when in a relationship, it’s likely you are better off connecting with someone else.
Remember: the Law of Attraction isn’t a matchmaking service. It’s a way to use your mental powers to open yourself up to making a connection with someone who can bring you positive energy in your life.

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