What is the Best Internet for Rural Gaming?

While gamers in rural areas can access and play offline single-player games with no issues, it may take a little more time and effort to find the best Internet for rural gaming. If you plan on playing online multiplayer games that require quick, precise reactions, it is only optimal to find Internet for rural areas that is high-speed with the lowest possible lag. Latency can result in frustrating delays between button or keyboard inputs and in-game actions. It may also result in “rubberbanding,” or in-game objects and avatars moving in erratic and unpredictable ways.

In rural areas, there is also the added challenge of finding a high-performance Internet provider other than most of the popular mainstream Internet providers. Rural America has a reputation for being egregiously underserved when it comes to the Internet. For this reason, many rural residents fall back on unlimited satellite Internet or unlimited 4G rural Internet from providers such as UbiFi.

Satellite Internet is popular among rural residents because of its high speed and availability almost anywhere on the planet. Although satellite Internet’s capabilities are impressive, it also suffers from high latency because of the distance Internet signals have to travel from satellites in orbit to rural homes. In contrast, companies like UbiFi use cell towers to provide Internet signals, ensuring lower latency levels because of the shorter distance between cell towers and rural homes. According to the UbiFi website, the company’s latency response can be as low as <75 ms, which makes it ideal for online gaming. This makes mobile Internet generally better suited for rural gaming than satellite Internet. Find a mobile Internet provider today if you plan on participating in intense competition online.