Why a Large Portion of the US Workforce Prefer Working from Home

Since the pandemic, more and more people have shifted to remote work. This model has been mostly implemented in the United States, with more companies across the world slowly following suit. Lucy Lyle, the ex-founder of Perch, has discussed several reasons why remote work has become popular and successful.

Some of these reasons include the flexibility and freedom that remote worker feels, working to their schedule, which leads to an improved work-life balance. Remote workers have proven that they can be as productive, if not more productive, than their office counterparts.

Working from home saves on commuting costs and time, as there is no need to sit in queueing traffic. This time can be put to good use by working before the family arises and stopping to have breakfast and connecting with the children, and even taking them to school. This interaction with family also increases job satisfaction, leading to greater productivity.

Many home office workers benefit from having an office space tailored to their exact needs. Without the distractions of co-workers and interruptions through the day with chit-chat, questions, and meetings, many remote workers report that they get a lot more done in a day than they did when going into the office.

In conclusion, according to Lucy Lyle, “only disciplined and highly self-motivated employees can make the most of the extra time that remote work creates for them.”  Lucy Lyle recommends marking intervals throughout the day when you will focus completely on work for a set amount of time to avoid procrastination and getting distracted throughout the day.