Looking for New Cushions for Your Daybed or Couch?

In the past, consumers would often go to a bed or sleep store when they needed a new mattress. But these days, that is simply not necessary. It’s possible to order foam rubber in many types. And you can have it cut to the size you need.

Let’s say you need a piece of foam rubber for a daybed that measures 38” by 75”. You can order a solid piece of foam rubber, then sew up a cover for it. That will give you a great, comfortable mattress at a third of the cost of a buying something from a mattress store.

Couch cushions can be done the same way. Measure the length and width you need, then order the number of cushions you’ll require. Once they arrive, you can cover them in whatever type of fabric you like. Couch cushion covers are easy to make. They’re simply two flat pieces of fabric the size of the cushion, plus four side pieces.

Once you get your new daybed mattress or couch cushions completed, you can take pride in the fact that you did it yourself and saved some cash. Plus, you can choose from any type of foam rubber, including:

Memory foam

Conventional foam

Latex foam

You can get these types of foam rubber from The Foam Factory and have them cut to any size. There’s no extra charge for this in most cases. This is an easy project that is low cost and fun.