Setting Personal Goals to Stick To a Budget

Many people make and break budgets every day. One of the reasons that people do not stick with their budget is because they find little reason to stick with the program and every reason to stray away from sticking to the plan. One of the best ways to stick to a budget is to create personal financial goals, both large and small, that will help. One good way to stay on budget is to concentrate on the money that you save, rather than concentrating on what you cannot spend. Creating a chart showing your savings goals and depicting its growth every month is a sure fire way to stay motivated to keep money in your pocket.

 photo BUDGETIN-CHECKLIST-cash-budget-folders_zps90c39144.png

Another way to create stay on budget is to allow yourself a treat for staying on track. This treat can be often or as little as you deem necessary to help reward you for sticking with your goals. One thing that I like to do is offer myself night out each month. If I reach my savings goals and do not participate in any aimless spending in the weeks before, I give myself a night on the town. I typically go out to eat or treat myself to a movie depending on how I feel.  Due to my habit of saving money, I typically find restaurant deals or discount movie prices before I take my night out, making it much less expensive than usual. This saves me even more money and provides momentum for my dedication to becoming financially stable

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