Are Our Kids Getting the Best Education in Public Schools?

The founders in Washington State were clear about education. Every child should be given the opportunity to get a basic education. It’s our duty both as parents and politicians but also as responsible citizens.

And yet we still see kids in rural areas and small towns who are not getting the same education as those in wealthy suburbs. For the last ten or fifteen years, we’ve experienced a teacher shortage.

Justin JD Rossetti says, “Many educators are rethinking their careers. Why spend their time on teaching when there are better paying jobs in the tech industry?”

Though we can all be sympathetic about this situation, there seems to be no remedy. How can we revamp our classrooms and make education fun and exciting for kids? How can we keep our children engaged and participating? If we can solve this problem, we could get our kids re-engaged in education and we can attract quality teachers.

Justin JD Rossetti comments: “Simply because these are big problems doesn’t mean we can walk away from these tough issues. It’s our responsibility to find solutions.”

I am first and foremost a father. But I’m also a lawmaker and school board director. I feel just as frustrated with these issues as other parents. From overcrowded classrooms to a shortage of funding, we all must understand that our future depends on us finding solutions for these complex problems.

Rep. Justin JD Rossetti is a politician that lives in Longview, WA with his wife and three sons. He is a small business owner who has served on the Longview School Board.