Do’s and Don’t about frozen yogurt


Most people believe that frozen yogurt is a diet friendly treat that will satisfy a sweet tooth. However, certain frozen yogurts can be calorie dense due to flavourings, toppings and portion sizes. Here are the Do’s and Don’t about frozen yogurt, to ensure you can indulge, but still stay within your healthy eating plan.

Do reduce the size of your cup – Frozen yogurts are often offered in large white paper cups, which means that your portion size would be much larger. Instead choose a smaller cup and limit yourself to one and half swirls.

Do layer your toppings strategically – Most frozen yogurt supplies offer a range of toppings. Start of with topping like whole strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Since they are bigger, they will help your cup look fuller. You could then add toppings like cereal. Lastly choose a few candy toppings or omit this completely.

Regardless of the size of your cup, don’t fill it to the top – Most serving cups store a few extra ounces, therefore try not to fill your cup to the brim.

Don’t spend more than $4. – Your waistline and your budget are important. If you stay under $4 your portion size will also be smaller.

Do treat yourself – Don’t deny yourself of the toppings you love. Instead include some of the good stuff like dark chocolate chunks or shavings.

Don’t mix flavours – If you select multiple flavours, your taste buds may tend to feel fatigued, which in turn would leave you less satisfied.