Gelato Consumption on the Rise in the USA

The surge in popularity in terms of consumption of the gelato in the USA needs to be analyzed within its context and in comparison to the general market for ice cream. Different types of sorbet along with gelato make up the ice cream market. Figures provided by market analysts show that the global market for ice cream has seen an expansion of up to 8.7% during the first half-decade of the 21st century. Until 2010 this figure has further risen to reach 11.5%. With this market expansion, the revenue generated by the industry has also increased. This increase in popularity is impressive along with being encouraging for people involved in the gelato segment.

While the ice cream industry has always been performing well, it has now, more than ever turned into a massive revenue generator with all businesses segmenting the industry experiencing a considerable rise in popularity. Moreover, artisan ice creams such as the gelato are getting more fans. This can be explained by the desire of consumers to look for family-friendly entertainment and forms of relaxation. Going to a gelato shop with the family and spending some time there especially during warmer seasons constitutes of a good and affordable leisure activity for the whole family. Gelato shops have also banked on this opportunity by choosing to locate close to residential areas or community places such as school or theatres. The frozen yogurt suppliers segment has also experienced such a surge in popularity.

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