The Lindy Hop Scene is Crazy about Vintage Jewellery

Guest post is provided by Cynthia Findlay Antiques. Estate jewellery is the secret obsession of swing dancers all over the world. Visit the Cynthia Findlay website for more information on vintage sets.

Vintage jewellery is the secret obsession amongst the passionate worldwide swing dancing scene. Since the late 90’s the vintage swing dance called the “Lindy Hop” has grown in increasing popularity all over the world among all ages, but especially among young people in their 20’s and 30’s. Dressing the part of this classic Hollywood and Harlem dance has become an absolute essential for large swing dance events all over the world in Canada, the United States and Sweden.

While most dancers attend local weekly events in jeans and a t-shirt, larger events are a chance for dancers to show off priceless pieces that they have hunted down all year for. Worldwide events that dancers travel all around the world to attend include hallway boutiques displaying the most gorgeous of authentic vintage jewelry. These events include the popular Camp Hollywood in Long Beach, California, the prestigious International Lindy Hop Competition in Washington DC, and the coveted Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden.

Art deco rings are a favored accessory among flapper-inspired garbs for those who love to show off their moves in Solo Charleston competitions and showdowns. Dancers want to look their best during competitions and live band nights, so shopping at antique jewelry stores before hand is a common practice. These international events create an incredible nostalgic atmosphere filled with coinsures of 1920s-1940s culture that surrounded the Lindy Hop at the time. The absolute favorite among guests is special appearances made by the original dancers of “Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers” and the Dean Collins Hollywood team complete in their own personal vintage jewellery sets.

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