What you need to open an ice cream parlor


With the summer fast approaching, perhaps you would want to try your hand in running and operating an ice cream parlor. Nothing beats the heat better than a nice cup gelato or frozen yogurt. A few things that you need are Gelato suppliers as well as Frozen yogurt suppliers that can give you superior quality products at affordable prices and terms as well. Terms are important so you can maintain your cash flow without having to worry so much about pesky suppliers demanding payment immediately once deliveries are made. The ideal supplier for you is one that can defer payment for at least 30 days so you can just pay them out of your revenues. Other than that, you need to make sure that the furniture as well as utensils that you get are high quality as well. You do not want to turn off potential customers with tacky appliances, it would just make your business look cheap. You need to project to your customers that you are pulling out all the stops to make sure that your customers get exactly what they’re paying for. Owning an ice cream parlor can be very profitable if you know what you’re doing. Make sure, however, to always remember that you should study about how to properly run and operate one before you invest your money. You do not want to make the mistake of making a bad investment when it’s too late for you to pull out without incurring any losses.


Eating gelato is only proper to eat with gelato spoons. It makes the whole experience complete.

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