Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor announcetheir split

Ben Stiller and his wife of 18 years Christine Taylor announced that they have decided to split.

Speculation rose when Stiller was seen attending many Hollywood events, including the Chaplin Award Gala without Taylor. The couple although private, have not been photographed since mid-April this year. The last photo of the couple was with their daughter Ella Stiller, 15, at the opening night of the Broadway musical Groundhog Day. The couple also have a son, 11, named Quinlin.

The pair recently made a statement saying that with a lot of love and respect they have made a decision to end their 18-year marriage. They went on to say that their priority is to continue to be good parents and close friends. The couple urged the media to respect their privacy at this difficult time.

Stiller met Taylor in 1999 on the set of “Meet the Parents”. He then proposed to Taylor while rehearsing for the movie. He said that when he asked Her father for his daughter’s hand, he felt that he was acting out his movie role because Taylor’s father was quite intimidating.

Stiller said that their relationship moved fast and they knew that they were meant for each other after just seven short months of dating. They then went on to start a family. Stiller said that it was just the two of them and then his wife was pregnant, and a sweet stranger was living in his home. Save