History of gelato

For centuries, people living in hot regions of the world have made efforts to create cold treats that may refresh their bodies in such conditions. The easiest natural ingredients such as water, natural flavors and snow are the most commonly used. It is in this attempts that gelato was developed. The history of gelato can be traced back to 16th century. There are however some confusion about its origin. The most influential personality, mention in connection to the history and origin of gelato is Francesco Procopio, who is believed to be among the first people to sell gelato to the public.

Its history is closely connected to two regions; Dolomite and Sicily. The method of preparation of gelato in the two regions was slightly different. In dolomite, it was prepared using milk, cream, sugar eggs and natural flavors. In Sicily on the other hand, it was predominantly water based. The water based gelato was lower in fat and its sugar content was higher. The techniques used by producers from both regions were similar.

Gelato producers have adopted modern production methods, ingredients for which you can get from any store that sells frozen yoghurt supplies. Although they now come in white paper cups the freshness and flavor however, remains undoubtedly the same.

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