Serving suggestions for ice cream stores


Serving your ice cream in creative ways, is a great way to increase your customer base and give your store a unique selling point. Here are some clever ways to serve your ice creams beyond the usual ice cream cups.

  1. Ice cream cake – You could add a number of favourite ice cream flavours, together with thin layers of cake. For example you could create a rainbow ice cream cake with a few layers of coloured pound cake.
  2. Cake sandwiches – Cake sandwiches are a creative way to add texture to an ice cream dessert. You could use plain thin slices of pound cake or slices of waffle. If you prefer to serve a simple cake sandwich, cut slices of good quality bread, preferably one that has nuts and dried fruit and add your choice of ice creams as the filling.
  3. Ice cream bowls – Ice cream bowls these days are usually edible. You could choose from edible cupcake, cookie, chocolate or waffles bowls/cups. They require very little cleaning, since the bowl is eaten by the customer. You will however need to provide ice cream spoons.
  4. Serve your ice cream with coffee- You could serve your ice creams with coffees. Cappuccinos with a scoop of vanilla or flavoured ice cream, is a great way to give your customers a coffee fix and ice cream at the same time. Other options could include large milkshakes, mixed with coffee and ice cream.