3D Printed Contact Lenses Will Change How We Live

Close-up of woman putting in contact lens

You use your contact lenses to sharpen your vision and help you see objects that are close to you and further away. Your phone, which is usually on you, can give you a tremendous amount of information. Anything you wanted to learn more about or view is no more than a few simple taps away. Researchers are trying to create smart optical solutions to merge the two tools.

Having the ability to use a display built into your contact lenses through 3D printing technology could allow you to get restaurant recommendations as you walk around or get real-time traffic updates as you walk around.

What is 3D Printing?

The concept of 3D printing has grown increasingly popular over the years. Similar to how you would normally send your printer specific content to print from your computer, such as photos or documents, 3D printers take in specific dimensions and measurements to bring 3D objects on your computer from the digital area to the physical realm. While standard printers rely on ink, 3D printers usually use polymer or metallic materials to create 3D objects.

You can really get creative to see the applications of this technology. Rather than feeling limited to the tools and objects you can find in stores, 3D printing allows you to create highly personalized and niche objects that fit your needs. This technology could eventually make its way to stores like Lens.com.


Having to buy contact lenses today is a very simple and straightforward process. Even though smart contact lens technology is still in development, years from now these sophisticated could be found wherever you get lenses.