Miranda Lambert started ‘drinking a little extra’ after her divorce

Miranda Lambert, who was married to Blake Shelton, made sure that her divorce was fiercely private. However, the singer who had a show at Joe’s Bar opened up about how she dealt with the end of her marriage.

She told her audience that when she got divorced she started drinking a bit more.  She said that she often found herself in Midtown in Nashville at bars and stayed till the last call. The singer then sang her song “Ugly Lights.”

Lambert said that her experience with divorce made her write many of her songs on her current album. She posted a short clip on Instagram saying that she is stronger because of the experiences she has been through. The singer said that all her pain has been channeled into her music. She now feels that this is the only talking she had to do about her divorce and her music tells her entire story.

The singer is now said to be dating Anderson East. The couple was seen holding hands at many red carpet events and seem to be very affectionate, say onlookers. The singer has also changed her dress sense and lost weight after the divorce. Lambert has given up her country style for more red carpet friendly looks with high slits and heels. Many say that her image overhaul was due to her ex-Blake Shelton, dating Gwen Stefani.